Latest version of Multicorn is v1.3.2, released on February 22, 2016 (changelog).

Multicorn 1.0.0

I just uploaded Multicorn 1.0.0 on PGXN. This is the first release marked as stable, and not testing.

This release supports PostgreSQL 9.3 as well as the writable API which has sit unrealesed on the github master branch for too long!

Writable FDW

A few days ago, an API for writable FDW has been committed to the postgresql repository.

Multicorn is trying to implement this API, to make it easy for Python developers to write FDW.

You can see the WIP on the writable_fdw branch on github:

Documentation is lacking for now, and existing FDWs should be worked on to implement the API.

You’ll need the current dev version of postgresql to test it.

Any feedback is welcome!

Multicorn 1.0.0beta1

The 1.0.0beta1 mark has been released on pgxn. Feel free to test it before the 1.0.0 release!

This includes numerous bugfixes, most of them related to memory management and performance.

Multicorn 0.9.1 - 0.9.2

Today have been released the 0.9.1 and 0.9.2 releases of multicorn.

0.9.1 marks the last release of Multicorn for PostgreSQL 9.1, while 0.9.2 is the first release of Multicorn for PostgreSQL 9.2.

The numeration scheme changes for that reason.

The 0.9.2 major feature is the ability to influence the planner by informing it of possible parameterized paths.

See the Implementor’s guide for more information about this feature.